ZippyBelt Instructions

The ZippyBelt is long enough to fit virtually everyone!

  1. Simply measure up one of your new ZippyBelts with one of your old belts and add 1 inch before cutting and inserting the new belt into the ZippyBelt buckle.
  2. Cut the new belt from the square end with a sharp scissors.
    (Do not cut from the tapered end.)
    Use the wooden tool provided into the open the belt attachment lever. Insert the cut end of the new belt into the ZippyBelt buckle, firmly closing the lever, making sure the belt is tightly secured.
  3. Fully Adjustable Unique Belt Buckle:
    Your ZippyBelt has a unique buckle that allows you to quickly tighten and expand the belt discretely, by gently pulling the adjustment control lever on the bottom right of the ZippyBelt buckle.
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