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    "What I enjoy the most about my ZippyBelt gift is the fact that I can easily tighten or expand it as I require during the day. I love having my initials on the front of the buckle."

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    "Whenever I need to give someone a gift, I give them a ZippyBelt. They're personalized, look great and are a solid price point. I'm a fan."

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    "Great quality gift belt at a good price. It's my favourite belt with my initials that doesn’t wear like my other hole belts."

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    "This ZippyBelt captures all the attributes one would think for a guys gift. Its expandable and has my initials. After receiving one as a gift, I ordered two more for my grandsons."

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    "My ZippyBelt gift was easy to size and wear instantly. It’s extremely comfortable and I love having my initials on the buckle. I receive compliments every time I wear it."

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    "My family gave me an initialized ZippyBelt for my birthday. I love my ZippyBelt. It's great to wear with jeans or casual slacks and easy to adjust without anyone noticing."

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