Since the day we "assembled" our first personalized ZippyBelt, with our patent pending initial design, our goal has been to create a uniquely handcrafted and distinctive gift belt that reflects one's personal and professional accomplishments. Sophisticated and exquisite, ZippyBelts embody personal and professional success and are sentimental prized possessions.

All ZippyBelts are individually assembled and handcrafted to exacting standards with the wearer's initials, making each one truly unique and personalized. You'll agree that ZippyBelts is the best luxury belt on the market today, in a gift class onto itself.

Expert Craftmanship

Creating our ZippyBelts by hand is one of our greatest pleasures, and with personalizad initials, gives each belt a unique look…they are indeed one-of-a-kind.

Each ZippyBelt is individually personalized and assembled by our specially trained artisans to produce a belt with no equal.

All ZippyBelts are created in our own production facilities in the USA and Canada.

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“The ZippyBelt is the world's only Personalized Raised Metal Initial Belt with Auto Adjust Technology”

You’ll love wearing your initials handsomely crafted on your buckle guaranteed for life they’ll always stay fixed! You’ll also love our auto adjust belt technology with no holes, allowing quarter inch discreet belt adjustments, all supported by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

A Symbol of Success

Success is measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life but by the obstacles, one has overcome.

At ZippyBelts, we believe that a luxury gift belt is a symbol of one's success and a constant reminder of those obstacles overcome.

One of a Kind.

Each ZippyBelt is hand assembled to exacting standards producing a possession that will last a lifetime.

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ZippyBelts with the wearer's initials stately displayed, are individually handcrafted to exacting standards. We think you will agree that a ZippyBelt gift is the best luxury belt on the market today and in a gift class by itself.