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We are thrilled to offer you the best personalised quality belts at a great price for that special guy in your life.

We make it easy for you to customize the buckle. Our special offer includes the Metal X Buckle and a Genuine Black Leather belt, matching all guy wardrobes from jeans to slacks
Our Metal X Buckle offers a unique ZippyBelt technology, with no holes whatsoever in the genuine leather belts, making zippyBelts the best gift for every guy and the most comfortable! Our belt/buckle is adjustable up to a 50 inch waist fitting almost everyone!


ZippyBelt technology that allows for easy expansion or retraction (no one noticing) with the special button adjustment that makes other belts obsolete!

We make buying a gift for your special guy easy. Each buckle is assembled in both the U.S. and Canada and is unique, which shows the effort you’ve taken in selecting a gift. All of our ZippyBelts are designed by us, assembled in-house with a genuine black leather belt, and include free shipping!
We encourage you to input the initials you wish and see how stunning the buckle looks. We’ll ship it out usually within 48 hours of order receipt (not including weekends or holidays).

Please take the time to give us a review and we look forward to delivering many ZippyBelt gifts on your behalf to people you care about!

Thank you for joining the thousands of ZippyBelt customers all over North America!