"The World's Most Appreciated Personalized Initial Gift Belt"



“The ZippyBelt is the world's only Personalized Raised Metal Initial Belt with Auto Adjust Technology”

You’ll love wearing your initials handsomely crafted on your buckle guaranteed for life they’ll always stay fixed! You’ll also love our auto adjust belt technology with no holes, allowing quarter inch discreet belt adjustments, all supported by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


The Details

  • The world’s only personalized raised metal initial belt with Auto Adjust Technology (No Holes) which fits up to 50” waists! The ZippyBelt buckle is stunning, with your raised initials, in either silver or gold, mounted securely on the silver buckle body. Every ZippyBelt buckle can be fitted with up to 3 initials – making it a great personalized gift!

  • Each buckle comes with a genuine leather belt, colour of your choice, 3.5 cm or almost 1.5 inches wide. It’s Italian Designed and carefully crafted with our ZippyBelt quarter inch Auto Adjust Technology.

Envied and revered by others, ZippyBelts are the embodiment of confidence and success. It is the quintessential statement of style, prestige and confidence.

It expresses your success personally and professionally. The ZippyBelt exudes quality and elegance like no other belt.

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